Shoulder pain Singapore
Shoulder pain treatment Singapore

Shoulder Pain Treatment and Specialist in Singapore

Shoulder pain is discomfort or pain felt in the shoulder area, which is a complex and highly movable joint. Sprains, brachial plexus injuries, fractures, dislocated shoulders, rotator cuff tears, and disorders such as Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) can all cause shoulder discomfort. The causes might include overuse, damage, or inflammation of the shoulder structures. Treatment options vary depending on the underlying reason and may involve rest, physical therapy, pain management, anti-inflammatory medicines, and, in certain cases, surgical procedures. It is critical to determine the precise cause of shoulder pain in order to develop an appropriate treatment strategy that will relieve discomfort while restoring normal shoulder function. Consultation with a healthcare practitioner is essential for an accurate diagnosis and suitable therapy.

Common Symptoms Of Shoulder Pain

  • Pain at rest and at night
  • Pain when slept one side
  • Pain when lifting your arms or
            while lowering it
  • Shoulder pain with specific movements
  • Dull, achy pain in one shoulder
  • A crackling sensation when moving your shoulder

Common Causes Of Shoulder Pain

Common Causes:

Shoulder pain can stem from various factors, including sprains, brachial plexus injuries, fractures, and dislocated shoulders.

Rotator Cuff Tear:

The rotator cuff comprises a group of muscles surrounding the shoulder. Excessive use of these muscles can lead to shoulder pain, often associated with a rotator cuff tear.

Adhesive Capsulitis:

Also known as Frozen Shoulder, Adhesive Capsulitis is a condition characterized by inflammation and stiffness in the shoulder capsule and surrounding tissues. This condition results in intense pain within the shoulder region.

When to seek help for shoulder pain?

  • Continuous and persistent
  • Severe
  • Inability to use the joint or move your arm
  • Swelling or redness
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