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The neck is made up of several components, including cervical ligaments for stability and muscles for support and mobility. While the neck allows for great movement and carries the weight of the head, its lack of protection renders it vulnerable to damage and pain-causing diseases. Neck pain might be caused by an injury, mechanical or muscular problems, blocked nerves owing to disc bulges, or neck arthritis. The intensity of neck pain ranges, ranging from minor discomfort to extreme, incapacitating pain. This widespread issue, which is more frequent in women, affects almost everyone at some time in their life, prompting many to seek neck pain treatment in areas like Singapore.

Common Symptoms Of Neck Pain

  • Dull aching pain
  • Dizziness or light
  • Turning the head causes more pain
  • Accompanied by upper back and/or lower back pain
  • Numbness, tingling, tenderness, or sharp shooting pain
  • Accompanied by headache, facial pain, shoulder pain,
            and arm numbness

Common Causes Of Neck Pain

Muscle strains:

Overuse and poor postures such as working too much or driving for a prolonged period that stress the muscles.

Joints wear and tear:

Like any part that is being used too much, human joints also undergo wear and tear, which can cause osteoarthritis in the neck.

Nerve compression:

Herniated discs in the vertebrae can press on the branching nerves, causing neck pain.


Automobile crashes or whiplash injuries cause your head to be thrown forward and backward at a rapid pace, and damage to the soft tissue can cause neck pain.


Sometimes, diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, meningitis, or even neck cancer can cause chronic neck pain.

When to seek help for neck pain?

  • Continuous and persistent severe pain
  • Accompanied by pain that radiates down the arms or legs
  • Accompanied by headaches, numbness, tingling or weakness
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